Imagine being able to manage, create, control your entire home from a single device.

To make it your dream home, we have optimized and simplified all the most exclusive and leading technology in a mobile app in order to offer you as much control and personalization as possible. Wherever you are, you can control your home as if you were there, create simulation sequences, observe your home, modify the temperature, receive warnings of water leakage alarms, CO2, etc.

Control your home, improve your life.

Luxury Villas

We set the market quality standard, with Crestron as a partner we systematically offer the highest quality of control and automation, for more than four decades, supported by our integrated solutions depend daily on the homes of world leaders, executive directors, professional athletes and artists for same.

Your simplified home

Our award-winning solutions allow us to simplify and optimize all the technology in your home to offer unlimited control of security, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and security systems through elegant touch screens, remote controls or your favorite personal smart device.

Your improved lifestyle

We offer integral solutions designed in direct response to your needs. You can enjoy the freedom to remotely control and program every facet of your home’s technology to truly complement and improve the way you live your life. Through motion detectors registering your absence, all the technology inside your home will be turned off at predetermined levels, configured by you.


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