Integrated solutions to boost your business

Automation of lights and blinds

Integrated systems ready so that as soon as you walk through the office door the lights come on in your path, the music starts playing and the blinds and blinds begin to open at predetermined levels.

Mercados - Corporativo
Mercados - Corporativo

Presentation and meeting systems

Create better work experiences, stream 4K video supplemented with high-quality audio to any or all company screens. Through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, stand out with captivating, engaging and persuasive presentations using our advanced multimedia integration.

Reservation and signage of meeting rooms

From the touch screens in your office or from your mobile device, you can safely access your company’s calendar platforms, check the available meeting spaces, obtain information on the remaining duration and reserve the room.

Upon arrival, strategically placed light indicators will show you the way to the reserved meeting room.

Mercados - Corporativo
Mercados - Corporativo

Audio distribution


Sound is the most important element of any space, even more so when you need a place where you can run your business calmly, without being heard and without listening to anyone, where you can speak without interference and enjoy your favorite artists while you work.