We detect the need to improve the user experience when enjoying at your hotel, polish those details that make the difference and generate comfort and total satisfaction. For this we offer the most advanced systems of integrated control, management and AV distribution, connecting clients with their most personal tastes and offering them a unique experience that they will recommend.


The relationships with your customers matter to us, for them our solutions continue to evolve far beyond the touch panel and the control system in order to offer you the systems you really need, bringing them together to create an environment in which our customers can hold meetings, control the lit, blinds, temperature, air, etc. Providing unbeatable quality of service, support and wellbeing.


From the control of ignitions, blinds, door openings, audio and video to guidance systems that automatically direct customers to their room, meeting room, to standardized user interfaces that allow more efficient operational support, allowing automatic regulation in the consumption of energy in rooms and rooms.

Automated Security

Our integrated systems not only eliminate safety concerns, but also integrate management, maintenance, all controllable services through easy-to-use Crestron touch panels. In addition to our prestigious car registration recognition systems and back-end systems that directly connect personnel with AV systems to manage arrivals.


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