Integrated Control - Smart Homes

Enjoy your dream home breathing the tranquility that our control systems offer. Delight in total control.

One press is all it takes to create a custom environment for every occasion. Intuitive and simple, from a single device, mobile, touch screens or subtle keyboards, you can control the entirety of your home.

From the remote opening of shutters, ignitions, lighting regulation, room surveillance, audio and video equipment starts, to the ability to manage the energy consumption of specific rooms and detect system anomalies such as CO2 leaks.

Control Integrado
Soluciones - Iluminación

Lighting - Design, Supply, Installation and Control

We supply the most cutting-edge brands in terms of design and features, created to stand out among its decoration, complement it or go unnoticed on any stage, providing a unique light, design and shadow play in each home.

Every room design we create begins with an analysis of your needs, whether it be creating ambiance, automatically dimming the lights during a meeting, or simply putting on a light show to show guests the way when they arrive at your hotel, we offer the flexibility to design and control your environment, light by light, room by room.

Control of Rollers, Blinds and Curtains

Get up in the most natural way possible with the sun gliding gently into your room, or conversely, protect your rooms from the midday sun.

Controlled from your smart device or touch screen, have the ability to manage automated blinds, blinds and shades openings based on sunlight and your preferences. Adjust your schedules and needs so that when your day is over, your entire home shuts down to preset levels.

Control Acceso

Access control numerical and biometric

The numerical or biometric access control systems allow access to the property by code or fingerprint, allowing access only to registered users.

These accesses not only allow knowing who has accessed a facility and at what time, but also can keep a record of that activity.

As each individual’s fingerprint is unique, it guarantees a high level of security as an identification and authentication tool, generating added comfort for your property,

Forgetting the most daily worries such as losing the keys to your property, leave the house to enjoy and when you return only with the fingerprint or numeric key access your home.

Climate control

A climate control system that responds to each of their needs. Sun, rain or snow, forget the seasons and acclimatize your home before leaving the office from your mobile to receive you at the desired temperature.

Schedule your home to change with the seasons or simply adapt it to their optimum temperature at the time you decide, all with a push of a button or voice command.

Control Climatización
Soluciones - Alarmas Técnicas y Control de Aire

Technical alarms, air quality control

Provide your home with smart technology that will alert you to any anomaly in your home. You will immediately receive alerts on your mobile with accurate information about the problem, such as C02, H2O or smoke leaks.

Breathe easy, monitor and manage your home from your mobile device at any time, create lighting sequences, music and blind openings to simulate presence.

Keypads, thermostats and room controllers customization, laser engraving

We serigraph each of your keypads at home setting them to your most personal taste and needs, making it all real through icons and texts designs. Get your selected sequence highlight in different bright levels and colours using the backlight illumination so they would make your live eassier.

Attractive, elegant and specifically designed for your home, because perfect control is different for everyone.

Personalización Teclados
Home Theatre

Home theater

Bring the magic of Hollywood into your home and feel from the slightest tropical rain to the most impressive chases thanks to 4K video streaming and stunning surround sound, enjoy and experience your movies like never before.

Reproduce the authentic version of the producer.

Only authentic colors convey deep feelings, with ultramodern elegance, color realism and stunningly sharp details, we show colors as the directors intended.

The perfect complement to a luxurious lifestyle. Enjoy the ultimate audiovisual experience with the freedom of wireless technology.


If you are a true music lover and want to enjoy it in the best possible way, with a sound faithful to the original recording, you have just found the best possible system.

We offer the most exclusive Hi-Fi systems, with unique sound reproduction, providing clear and natural audio, getting as close to reality as possible.

Create a wider and deeper sound impression, minimizing any loss to give you a sound so real and natural that you feel like they are acting in front of you.

Audio Multiroom

Audio Multiroom

With multi-room audio systems we offer the ability to play music in multiple rooms, without limit.

Each family member will be able to listen to a different or equal multimedia source without intercepting another family member. The great advantage of this type of multiroom audio installation, in addition to the fact that everyone enjoys a multitude of multimedia sources, is that all the equipment is perfectly hidden in one place, eliminating redundant components, spaces, and being able to locate them in a technical room or in the living room furniture, without spoiling its aesthetics.

Everything controlled by elegant keyboards, remote controls or on your favorite device. In this way, you will only see the speakers or not, since we also have the most exclusive hidden speakers.

Hidden audio

We are aware of the needs of our clients, that is why we offer totally hidden sound systems for those who want to feel everything without seeing anything.

For this, we carry out installations integrated into the whole, with integrated wiring inside the walls, making it a visually cleaner installation, and equipping them with our exclusive hidden speakers to enjoy perfect sound, without knowing where it comes from.

Audio Oculto
Distribución de Vídeo

Video distribution

We distribute and organize all the video systems so you don’t miss a thing, with a single device manage and play different multimedia contents in multiple rooms, without interfering between members or devices in the house.

Create an unmatched home TV experience. Enjoy the best content on any TV in your home. Stream 4K videos, enjoy watching your favorite show and soccer game at night at the same time, simply by selecting the split screen, all at the push of a button on your sleek new remote.

Acoustic treatment

The goal of our Home Theater or Hi-End Hi-Fi Listening Room acoustic designs is to provide the public with a perfect, neutral acoustic environment, where they hear nothing but the soundtrack of the film they want to see, without influence from external sources such as the acoustics of the room, the noise of the reproduction systems or the noise of the sources located in adjacent spaces.

Soluciones - Tratamiento Acústico